Introduction to Measuring Mig Welding Wire

Do you have problems with your work force booking out welding wire used on jobs? If so then this is for you.

The Mig Meter, a wire measuring device for use on most popular mig welders. If you are a jobbing shop the only way in the past to charge out mig wire was to A, remove the wire and weigh it, B, Guess, or C, charge out a consumable rate on every job. The Mig Meter eliminates all of these. Due to the high prices of some mig wires, the Mig Meter cost is recovered quickly. The only problem is to get your work force to read the meter and write it on their time sheets. The meter comes with a conversion chart to convert most popular wires on the market to kilograms. The Mig Meter comes with fitting instructions to fit on most wire feeders.

Product Details

  • All types of wire 0.6mm to 2mm diameter
  • Available Left and Right Handed
  • It’s the only one.
  • It measures accurately the length of welding wire used while welding.
  • No more guessing.
  • Easily attaches to most popular wire feeders.
  • Length easily converted to weight.
  • Accuracy in costing means $$$ Saving for you.
  • Measuring Mig Welding Wire Done Easily And Cost Effectively.